Flaretip replacement

Linjebygg has been a pioneer in developing temporary lifting and rigging systems. In 1995 we did our first flare tip replacement without helicopter assistance by use of light lifting equipment, and since then we have executed a range of similar projects world-wide – both onshore and offshore.



In 1992, Linjebygg undertook our first flare tip replacement project for Norsk Hydro on the Norwgian Continental Shelf.

Later, a special lifting system was designed and manufactured for flare tip replacement without the use of helicopters. Since then, we have continuously improved the methods and equipment and executed a range of projects world-wide. The methods are cost-efficient, safely executed by small, specially trained and experienced teams. 

Our track record also includes flare boom modifications, replacement of flare platforms, installation of new flare lines and supports, inspection of booms and towers, etc.


Each flare tower has its own design and thus each installation requires its own procedures and specially designed lifting systems. Our engineering department provides all the necessary design and engineering. Linjebygg’s engineers and technical
supervisors work in close co-operation with the operational team to use the most innovative solutions and feasible methods. The equipment is thoroughly tested and the methodology simulated in our onshore training center, prior to mobilization of equipment and personnel to the work site.

We always focus on safe and efficient execution and adhere to the highest requirements for HSE and QA.


A small multi-skilled pool of trained offshore personnel performs flare tip replacement. A close inspection of the flare platform is made before entering, and the flange is cleaned and controlled before the gasket and the new flare tip are installed.

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