With more than 700 dedicated employees in Norway, as a part of Altrad Group with more than 60.000 people worldwide, Linjebygg AS deliver service onshore and offshore within the business areas of insulation, scaffolding, surface treatment, mechanical, concrete rehabilitation, lifting operations, rigging, inspection and rope access.

Linjebygg has a vision of zero HSE-related incidents. The overall objective is to avoid accidents that are reportable according to health, safety and environment.
This shall be achieved through systematic development of corporate safety culture, risk management at various levels of the organization and motivation of employees through clear and uniform safety communication in the organization.

Linjebygg HSEQ


HSE included certifications

In Linjebygg AS we want to give our employees freedom with responsibility. In cooperation with the employees, the company shall systematically and continuously make improvements within HSE, including defining important HSE aspects, setting goals, and based on this, implement action plans. 

Linjebygg must comply with applicable statutory requirements for HSE. The company shall continuously implement measures to eliminate hazards and reduce the risk in order to avoid damage to health, personal injury and emissions to the environment.

We will deliver products and services with correct quality, executed effectively and delivered on schedule. According to customer needs, requirements and expectations, as well as according to applicable rules, standards, specifications, laws and regulations. We will work on continuous improvement of our products and services, with focus on innovation, new methods and solutions. Linjebygg will also secure good HSE, execution and added value for our customers and own business.
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Linjebygg has the following certifications: 

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • ISO 45001 

Setting people to work

Our guidelines apply to the entire company, employees and board members. The guidelines contain tools that we can use in situations where dilemmas arise. They show which behavior should serve as guidelines in the conduct of our activities.

Our core values: Humility, Courage, Respect, Solidarity, Conviviality. The core values and the ethical guidelines are the foundation on which our employees shall base their work. The company wants to welcome new employees in a good way. Necessary information and resources/work equipment shall be available from the first working day.  

Altrad lifes saving actions

The ALTRAD Life-Saving Actions are key activities which describe the necessary actions and behaviours that individuals must perform to protect themselves and others from significant unwanted events during identified, higher-risk activities. Considering the focus on desired behaviours and actions, the ALTRAD Life-Saving Actions incorporate human factors and influences, by considering:

  • Task (what are people being asked to do)
  • People (who is doing the task)
  • Environment (where are they working).


In addition to these common activities, we also acknowledge two essential processes, risk planning and verification, which are key to supporting these actions. Risk planning is vital to setting up any task for successful execution, and verification through the validation of activities, ensuring continuous assessment and demonstration of effective risk management.


The company does not want its activities to pollute the external environment and has organized its activities in such a way that there is minimal impact on the environment. The company’s environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001.

During the year, several campaigns have been carried out and various topics have been launched. In order to reduce the company’s CO2 footprint, measures have been taken to avoid air travel in connection with mobilizations when manning assignments when possible.

Furthermore, campaigns have been carried out to encourage employees to reduce the use of private cars to work. Measures have also been taken to reduce the consumption of disposable products at offices. In addition, substitute assessments have been carried out of chemicals used in different parts of the business.


Business integrity & ethics code 

As part of Altrad Group integrity is an essential condition for conducting business, not only because national and international regulations have increased the risk and negative consequences of illegal or illicit behavior, but also because integrity helps to ensure the stability and sustainability of the Group. The Altrad Group defines itself by its values of transparency and fair competition, values that go hand in hand with its success.

The Altrad Group will always endeavour to act in accordance with the strictest ethical standards. This Code reflects the Altrad Group’s commitment to integrity and is designed to help employees and partners of the Group understand clearly the standards that are expected of them and where to access further support to achieve these standards.

The Altrad Group has established an Ethics Committee responsible for ensuring the implementation of a business integrity and ethics framework across the Group (including the application of this Code) and the Group’s General Counsel has been appointed as the Group Ethics Officer. However, primary responsibility for complying with this Code is at individual and at Business Unit level.  

Altrad Group business policies are underpinned by our Code of Conduct. Pursuant to our Code, we declare our respect for all individuals, confirm that we will not accept any abuse of human rights within our business or supply chains and will investigate any allegations of abuse. Furthermore, as part of our measures, we have also adopted an anti-modern slavery and human trafficking policy. 

Compliance with the Law

All Altrad Group business shall be conducted in an open and honest manner, and in accordance with, as appropriate, the laws of each country in which the Altrad Group operates. Each employee is accountable for ensuring that their actions are lawful. 

Respect for Individuals’ Safety 

The Altrad Group and all employees shall make a commitment to workplace safety a top priority. The Altrad Group and all employees shall conduct business with respect for individuals and for the different cultures of the countries in which the Altrad Group operates. The Altrad Group will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of age, disability, gender, religion, ethnic origin or nationality.

All employees shall show respect for others and ensure a safe work environment for their fellow employees free of unlawful discrimination on grounds of age, disability, gender, religion, race or nationality.  The Altrad Group and all employees shall adhere to the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation, and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). The Altrad Group will not tolerate child- or forced labour. 

Bribery & Corruption 

The Altrad Group operates a zero-tolerance policy in respect of all forms of fraud, bribery and corruption. No employee shall, directly or indirectly, offer, solicit, give, or receive any bribes on their own behalf or in respect of the Altrad Group. No third party shall be permitted, directly or indirectly, to offer, solicit, give or receive any bribes on their own behalf or in respect of the Altrad Group.

The zero-tolerance of bribery extends to all forms of facilitation payments. Giving and receiving gifts and/or entertainment is only permissible where the value of the gifts and/or entertainment is modest and disclosed. 

Fair competition and business practices 

The Altrad Group, and all employees, shall conduct business in an open, trustworthy and ethical manner. Neither the Altrad Group, nor any employee, shall engage in any anti-competitive practices and shall always act in accordance with applicable competition / anti-trust law.

Examples of anti-competitive practices include: fixing prices with competitors; bid-rigging; and, abusing a dominant market position. Employees shall not illegally use the property of any third party (including intellectual property rights such as software) for personal gain or in the performance of Altrad Group business.

Business reporting and accounting 

To maintain the integrity of Altrad Group reporting, all internal and external documentation and reporting shall be accurate, honest and not misleading. No falsification of any documentation will be tolerated. Employees are expected to prepare reports and documents honestly and accurately and are personally responsible for documents / reports that they prepare and / or approve.

All employees are responsible for maintaining the integrity, accuracy and security of the records that they prepare. All employees with specific financial reporting and treasury roles are responsible for maintaining the integrity, accuracy and security of their accounting and finance processes and ensuring compliance with all applicable laws including currency control and anti-money laundering laws.

Agents, customers and suppliers 

The Altrad Group shall only engage in business with trusted third parties and only once appropriate due diligence has been carried out on any new business partner. The Altrad Group shall not engage in any business activity that breaches any EU, French or other applicable sanctions or export controls. The activities of any agent of the Altrad Group shall be carefully monitored and shall be subject to formal agreement.

Suppliers (including contractors and consultants), customers and agents shall be treated ethically and honestly. Suppliers (including contractors and consultants) and agents are expected to conduct their business in compliance with all applicable laws (in particular with reference to anti-bribery and corruption laws) and to apply at least the same standards as the Altrad Group applies to itself.

Expectations from our suppliers 

The Altrad Group will always endeavor to act in accordance with the strictest ethical standards. The business integrity & ethics code applies to all suppliers, agents, partners (suppliers) and employees of the group and sets out clearly the standards that are expected of them and where to access further support to archive these standards. 
We expect Suppliers to adhere to and act in accordance with the Code. The respect of the Code should be a priority for all and it should serve as the principle guide towards progress and excellence.  
We will not knowingly use Suppliers who operate unethically, or who violate applicable laws. 


Sponsoring an association or an event must have a communication or marketing counterpart.  Sponsorship helps to strengthen the image of the brand among specific target groups. In contrast to donations, they aim to obtain a specific benefit. Sponsorship activities concern the fields of sport, arts and culture, science and education. Sponsorships are accepted subject to compliance on the condition is not undertaken with the aim of obtaining an undue advantage or unduly influencing a decision. 

Due diligence

As an outcome of a group-wide risk assessment exercise, we recognise that our greatest risk of exposure to modern slavery arises from our own workforce, a significant proportion who travel from different countries such as countries with a poor score according to ITUC Global Rights Index. To address such risks, we have bolstered our due diligence processes with our suppliers (including contractors and consultants) to ensure that any new business partners share Altrad’s high regard for human dignity.

If we uncover examples of negative labor practices or circumstances that may compromise the welfare of our workforce, we will not enter into a business relationship or a project with such a counterparty.

We do not condone or tolerate forced labour and insist on appropriate protections for agency labour. We also require that all labour provided must be voluntary not coerced, so workers must be free to leave work at any time with all remuneration owed to be paid.

Altrad’s subsidiaries have amended their standard agency supplier contractual terms to:

  • Incorporate obligations on suppliers to comply with the MSA
  • Notify Altrad if they become aware of any modern slavery within their supply chains
  • And cooperate with any audits into their business practices required by Altrad.


Suppliers that breach such obligations will have their contracts terminated.

Modern slavery & human trafficing

The welfare and safety of our workers is a priority for Altrad Group. Due diligence and supplier onboarding procedures Due Diligence should always be carried out on each of the Altrad Group’s suppliers before entering into any contract. Altrad Group takes proactive steps to investigate all potential suppliers, and the markets in which they operate, in order to ascertain the risk of modern slavery and human trafficking in that market, as well as the supplier’s reputation and history in that context.

Each supplier should be required to complete a supplier questionnaire where appropriate. Contacts with parties that feature potential supply-chain risk from the perspective of Human Trafficking or Exploitation (as a minimum include all contracts with employment agents) should include the set of standards.

  • A general clause requiring the supplier to comply with all applicable laws  
  • An obligation on the supplier to comply with the Altrad Group’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy  
  • Warranty and indemnity provisions that can be added to the agreement’s warranty and indemnity 
    clauses, country-specific clauses for use where there is a particular risk of Slavery and Human Trafficking.
  • Reporting obligations, which include reporting breaches and reporting the steps the supplier has taken 
    ensure that there is no Slavery or Human Trafficking in its business or supply chains
  • The right to audit the supplier’s compliance with the anti-slavery provisions, which can be added to the 
    agreement’s audit clause
  • A ban on subcontracting without express approval; and o a right for Altrad Group to terminate the 
    agreement with immediate effect if the supplier breaches the customer’s Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy. This can be added to the agreement’s termination clause. 

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The Transparency Act in Linjebygg, report 2023

Sustainability is an important part of everything Linjebygg does, from our business models to our culture. With the announcement of the Norwegian Transparency Act, we seized the opportunity to further improve our sustainability practices.

We want to ensure that our partners are informed about what the law requires of them, as well as our expectations in this important area.

Download the Supplementary annual report on the Transparency Act.


Whistleblowing is the disclosure to Altrad Group of information which relates to suspected dangers at work or wrongdoing. These may include:  

  • Breach of, default of or behaviors contrary to, the Altrad Group’s Business Integrity & Ethics Code, with respect to bribery or corruption and/or any other internal Altrad Group policy (anticorruption policies, conflicts of interest policy, etc.);  
  • Dangers to the health and safety of Altrad Group employees and others;  
  • Financial fraud or mismanagement; criminal activity or offences;  
  • A clear and serious violation of applicable laws or regulations;  
  • A clear and serious infringement of laws of any international organization that has been subsequently adopted locally in the applicable country;  
  • A serious threat or the causing of serious damage to the public interest of which the Whistleblower had personal knowledge; o damage to the environment;  
  • Conduct likely to damage Altrad Group’s reputation;
  • Unauthorized disclosure of confidential information; and/or,  
    the deliberate conceal of any of the above matters.  


The Whistleblower is an individual who has personal knowledge of the facts reported. He must not act as an intermediary for another employee who refuses to make a report and cannot simply repeat information already disclosed.

The concern shall be raised in a disinterested manner and in good faith, i.e. without malicious intent and without malice, in the general interest without THIS POLICY APPLIES TO YOU STATUS OF POLICY BREACH OF POLICY seeking the satisfaction of any particular interest, financial or otherwise, with a genuine concern about dangers at work or any wrongdoing (as set out above).

If you have any genuine concerns related to suspected actual or potential wrongdoing or danger affecting any of our activities you should report it. 

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