Rope access

Linjebygg has been a pioneer in developing and implementing rope access techniques for inspection, maintenance and modification work at difficult-to-access areas on oil & gas installations in Norway and internationally. In combination with customized working platforms and advanced rigging methods, our multi-skilled rope access teams can save significant costs for our clients.

Linjebygg rigging and rope access

Rope access techniques

Rope Access is a well-recognized and safe work positioning method for inspection, maintenance and modification projects in the oil and gas industry, allowing workers to access difficult-to-reach locations safely and efficiently. The light equipment and the small team (normally three technicians) require little space and less preparation compared to traditional methods. Work seats and customized mobile work platforms have been developed to optimize comfort and achieve stable work positions for the technicians while performing the job.

Some benefits and savings with the use of rope access are: 

  • reduces and, in certain cases, eliminates the
  • need for scaffolding and other traditonal
  • and often less cost-effective solutions
  • provides quick access and retreat, and is
    particularly suitable in exposed areas and areas with concurrent activities
  • rope access technicians are trained in advanced rescue and evacuation methods, enabling them to assist other team members or workers nearby, should a situation requiring their assistance occur
  • rope access teams consist of well-trained technicians with different skills, suited for specific jobs or multi-discipline tasks in a project

Competence and experience

Linjebygg has been one of the leading rope access companies on the Norwegian Continental Shelf since the early nineties. Long-term contracts with ConocoPhillips, Shell, Statoil/Equinor, Eni, Aker BP and the EPCI contractors have provided the opportunity for the company to build a large group of multi-skilled rope access technicians. Being a subsidiary of Altrad group, Linjebygg is part of one of the largest rope access environments globally.

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