The Linjebygg habitat solution provides a flexible and modular work frame that guarantees appropriate confinement & pressurization. It allows naked flame and other hot work such as welding, cutting, sandblasting and TSA to be carried out without the need for a production shutdown. The habitat is certified for use in ATEX/IECEx Zones 1 & 2.

Linjebygg Habitat work enclosure
Linjebygg Habitat

Linjebygg habitat solutions

The principal components of the habitats are zipped modular panels fabricated from fireproof and antistatic fabric acc. to the most stringent requirements. They prevent ingress of potentially explosive substances and gases.

The main applications for habitats are for example:

  • Installation and tie-in of new pipe work for brownfield developments and campaigns.
  • Installation of new structural supports and skids for platform/plant upgrades.
  • Repair of critical plant & equipment, cable splicing and housing non-EX equipment.
  • Repair of process vessels where internal entry is required.


  • Ex Zone 1 and Zone 2 category


  • Automatic overpressure adjustment
  • Automatic shutdown of electrical and air driven equipment if gas detection
  • Acoustic and visual alarm both inside and outside
  • 4 power outlets 16 Amps
  • 63 Amps, 380 – 690VAC outlet for welding
  • 5 IR gas detectors
  • UPS automatic control in case of power supply failure
  • Fire class: B-s2,d0 according to std: NS EN 13501-1
  • Surface resistance (Antistatic): <1GΩ according to standard: EN ISO 80079-36 (IEC 60079-0)
  • Best in class water and air tight zippers – Black/White for quick assembly of flexible modules
  • Emergency Ex lights with UPS
  • Fluorescent escape route
  • D-rings both in- and outside for anchoring
  • Self-closing doors in aluminum 1600 x 800mm
  • Air supply fan, optional electrical

For more information of the Hot Work Enclosure – Habitat capabilities, contact our regional office in Norway.

For simplified configurations, a system with reduced complexity can be provided.

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